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Spark / Telecom NZ Internet Temporary Fix

05 September 2014 § 0

I have Spark/Telecom as my ISP and I've been having, to say at best, sporadic internet connection. I thought it was just my wifi connection or my phone but it was happening on all of the devices at home. So I did the usual troubleshooting step which is to reboot the router (power off for 30 seconds) - still the same problem. I checked the status connection on the routers WebGUI and I saw that it was a DNS server problem.

To check whether it was a DNS problem, I opened up my browser and checked - Web Page Cannot be loaded. Then I tried which is one of the IP addresses for the website - I was able to access it. This was indeed a DNS problem.

As a DNS problem, there are 2 simple temporary (but can also be a permanent) solution.

Disclaimer: Do everything at your own risk. I will not be held liable in anyway if something goes wrong with your devices.

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